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What is SaaS?

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet/Private Cloud — as a service. Instead of maintaining the ERP and Captive Data Center Infrastructure, subscribing the same on pay per use model. You can simply access it via the Internet/VPN, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management. Many of the business applications are available as platform independent for access such as PC, Tab or Mobile.

What is iWare 99.9?

iWare 99.9 is one of the best on demand ERP Software Available on Pay Per Transaction Model (SaaS). iWare 99.9 is a core ERP and browser based access, so there is no need worry of Data Center, Maintenance of Servers, Implementation of Software, Databases etc. iWare 99.9 allows to pay per transaction, i.e you need to pay only for the use, there is no need of huge Capital Expense in building the Server infrastructure and buying software licenses, Here in iware99.9 what you will get is every thing that needed for your business automation on subscription model.

Now I am not using any software for my business, can I use iWare 99.9?

Yes definitely, simply create and account in iWare99.9 and can start using today onward

Do I need to purchase the the Software ?

No, There is no need of purchasing the software or server hardware, here you are just paying the subscription charges for using the same.

Do I need to download and install iWare Application on my PC?

No, there is no need for downloading and installing the application in your PC. You just need to access through browser as simple as you access your emails.

Does iWare 99.9 Support GST Billing?

Yes, iWare99.9 is a fully GST Supported Software Platform enables GSTN Bills, GSTN Accounting if purchase bills, proper calculation of State and Central Tax input credits, Generation of returns with online support.

Is there financial accounting module available in iWare 99.9?

Yes, we have full fledged financial accounting module, you can create up-to the P & L and Balance Sheet of your Organization.

Does iWare provides GST Support Different Invoice format suitable for B2B and B2C ?

Yes, there is facility set up the invoice formats based on your customer. Whether it is B2B or B2C

What are the facilities bundled in iWare 99.9 on SaaS?

In iWare 99.9 we offer Data center services, Software Application Services and security services. Being a browser based access it is platform independent too. Ensure the highest levels of performance, availability and security.

Is there any Internal user license restriction in iWare 99.9?

No, there is no internal user license restrictions in iWare 99.9, you can create unlimited user license in iWare99.9. iWare 99.9 is not billing for number of user, but it is billing for transactions that you make through the system.

Can I enable restricted access for my employees?

iWare99.9 Support role based access control so you can restrict the access for employees according to their designation.

Can I take data backup of my data and restore?

Yes, you can download the back ups of your business data whenever you required, you can store to your local PC or any cloud storage. Using iWare control panel interface , You can also restore from your back ups to iWare 99.9. iWare itself having an automated backup policy too as its own as of the platform.

Is may data secure at iWare99.9?

iWare 99.9 is enabled with best available enterprise grade security solutions to ensure performance, availability and security. There higher security plans such as Private Cloud, MPLS/ SD WAN etc available on demand.

In case my Broad Band/Internet Connection is down, can I access the software.?

No, it needed some method connectivity either through internet of through VPN. It can even accessed using Mobile Data Connections, so the connectivity may not be problem since most of SIM card providers offer DATA at very low cost.But we offer offline transcation for field sales/VAN sales mobile application.

What is minimum bandwidth requirement for iWare99.9.?

Minimum bandwidth requirement per user is only 20 to 30kbs, so in a 64Kbps connection you can access up to 3 users

If I have multiple branches can I use same iWare 99.9?

Yes you can implement iWare 99.9 for multiple branches and you can generate reports of the different branches independently and also can create consolidate results. It has location based and role based access control features, so you can restrict the user for respective branches, also for the management can access any branch any time. Inter branch stock requests and transfers also possible in iWare 99.9.

Is there any additional branch monthly fee in iWare 99.9?

There is no branch license fee required for iWare 99.9. You can create branches from the control panel, but iWare charges fee only for business transactions

Can I access iWare 99.9 from my home ?

Yes you can access iWare from anywhere, only you required the connectivity and access credentials. There are facility available for creating access control lists based on Machine address or client devices ensures blocking of accesses by unauthorized users to your business data.

Can I get the reports in mobile?

iWare 99.9 is mobile friendly platform so you can view iWare 99.9 from mobile and tab also check the report through mobile.

Is there any approval system (work flow) available in iWare ?

Yes, there is a facility to define different approval level with authorized persons to approve / verify each and every transactions which are carried out.

Is there any credit billing, credit control measures in iWare 99.9?

iWare 99.9 has a provision for proper credit limit and credit period. This will help the company to control the customer’s credit limit and sales volume properly.

Is there collection reports available in iWare99.9?

iWare 99.9 allows to keep collection bucket and can create reports based on the aging of the pending payments.

Is there any facility to keep information about Make/ Model about the products?

iWare 99.9 supported keep items based on Manufacturer and Supplier, i.e the same items can be purchased from different suppliers

Does it Support PoS ?

Yes, iWare99.9 support Point of Sale devices such as Bar code scanners, hand held devices and PoS Printers

Is any feature to get the product expiry data in my stock?

Yes, Alerts and Reports are available based on expiry dates of products .

Is batch wise sales management available in the system ?

Yes, Batch information is stored

Is the loose items blending feature in the software ?

Yes, iWare support blending sales features. Which are useful features for paint shops.

Is there product wrapping is supported in iWare?

iWare support product wrapping and simple bundled sales as new product. It automatically manages the stocks of individual components that of the wrapped product.

I have some other ERP and Can I integrate the iWare with my existing ERP?

Yes, iWare is web technology platfrom we can enable web service calls to integrate with 3rd party applications. But for this your existing system also need to be supported. Or you can download the transactions in CSV/XLS format can can upload to the respective software and vice-versa.

What is iWare Secure Access?

In iWare basic security access model the access is through internet and the authentication is using user-name and password. But Additional Security is available as Mac Based Access Control List

What is iWare Secure Access+?

iWare Secure Plus allows access only though VPN and It supports both site to site VPNs and VPN Dongles

What is iWare Secure Access++?

iWare Secure++ is bundled with MPLS VPN / SD WAN based Network to connect your offices and branches, while keeping the iWare Application Server on Private Cloud.

What is the up time availability offered in iWare?

The default up-time commitment on SLA is 99.9% on Cloud Hosting. You can further upgrade the same by subscribing additions services like Dual Location hosting at different Seismic Zones and redundant MPLS/SD WAN Connectivity.

What is the bundled technical support that iware99.9 is offered?

Default support offered is remote support and the bundled packages is 8x5 in case if you would like to upgraded support contracts, is available as 8x7 or 24x7 on additional cost. On site support also available on extra cost based on the availability of executive and subject to location.

Can I have high availability Service on iWare?

The default up-time commitment on SLA is 99.9% on Cloud Hosting. You further upgrade the same by subscribing additions services like Dual Location hosting at different Seismic Zones and redundant MPLS/SD WAN Connectivity.

Can I get additional training for my employees on iWare?

Certain hour of remote Implementation is bundled in the offer as per the subscription plan and additional training can be made available at extra cost on per hour basis as online training. On-site trainingb is also provided at additional cost based on the availability of our resources.

In case if customization required can I get customization on iWare?

No, In default iWare is not offering any customization on the standard cloud service. But most of features available as configurable parameters.

It can consider the same separate private instance with additional customization and cost for the same will be extra.

The other option is that the parent software of iWare99.9 is iBusiness Suite ERP and can be provided with customization but the purchase model of the same is not on SaaS and is life time.

In case if am not happy with iWare can I exit from the service?

Definitely you can terminate from the services with 30 days notice period and you can download the transaction data of your business into CSV/XLS format. But annual platform subscription charges is not refundable but any credit available in usage charges that can be refunded within six months from the date for termination.

If I have master data in xls/format can I import to iWare99.9?

Yes, You can import Master data in XLS /CSV in the prescribed format to the platform

Do you provide the required hardware such as computers and Printers for my shop?

Yes, On case to case basis, we used to provide hardware such as computers and Printers for shop in case if required based on the availability and location.

In case if my computer got damaged, will loose my data?

Never, all data is stored in the cloud platform and the periodical back ups are also available on the server.

In case if I want to integrate payment gateway service, can I ?

Yes, payment gateway integration is possible in iWare99.9, if you have already subscribed from any bank/aggregator it can be integrated with some nominal additional integration charges. or if you want to subscribe a payment gateway we can provide the same too.

Is there any other charges other than my annual subscription charges and transnational charges?

There is no hidden charges other than the annual subscription charges and transnational charges. But INI Technologies reserves the right make changes in the transaction charges or annual license charges periodically with prior intimation of 30 days

Can I submit the returns of GSTR1 GSTR2 etc through the same iWare 99.9 application?

Through iWare you can submit the Returns of GSTR1, GSTR2 etc, But you need subscribe GSP/ASP services.

Can I migrate the current SaaS license to life time purchase of iWare99.9?

No, Because iWare is a SaaS Product with pay per transnational model. But we have iBusiness Suite ERP the parent software of iWare 99.9, which is available can be purchased on life time and can be implemented /hosted on separate instance.

Can I subscribe other functional modules like fleet management, HR etc?

Yes, other business functional modules also available in transaction model, can be made available on request.

How long it will take to implement the software?

The implementation time frame varies depending on the modules being implemented and the master data availability with you. In our experience, we can implement in 3 to 4 days based on master data availablity.

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